Why is our account blocked?

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I manage a paypal account that is integrated with nationbuilder to accept donations to an australian non-profit organisation.  The integration appears to be fine and has been working for many years (recurring payments are still being processed, for example).  Recently new donors are being greeted with the following message when attempting to create a recurring donation for the first time:


We're sorry, things don't appear to be working right now. Please try again later.


When the above message is shown, the url will look like this (I've removed the token):




So that indicates our account is blocked (SIGNUP_BLOCKED_IN_COUNTRY_AU).


Paypal's help indicates an account block is often the result of inadequate information, but when I use the "Confirm Your Identity" page it shows the message:

Thank you for providing all the required information.
You're all set, and your account is back to normal.


Our resolution centre shows 0 Open cases and 0 Closed cases, so that's not it.


There are very few transfers out (only one in 2022), no reversals, no unpaid invoices, no holds, no transactions pending fraud review (or anything under the fraud protection category).


Any idea why our account is blocked?  This is an important time for australian non-profits as we're coming to a federal election and need all the donations we can get.

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oh my god i've just found this https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/PayPal-Payments-Standard/Payments-Page-Error-genericError-code-S...


everyone is australia's account is blocked??  what in the?


oh paypal 🤦🏻

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