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Add remark, comment, or code to link

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I use the link and find it useful. Thank you.

However, I often have multiple workshops running at the same time. I want the ability to add a code or reference tag or string to the link, in addition to the dollar amount, so I can know what is being purchased. For example,[my-ID]/25/tango-endings-ws[my-ID]/30/tango-endings-book

Then if I received those remarks or codes in the "You've got money" notification, I would know exactly what was being purchased.

Tags: #feedback #suggestion #code #comment


Add remark, comment, or code to link


Hello @davidq,


Thanks for posting in the PayPal Community forums for help with this issue! I appreciate you reaching out to the PayPal Community to share your suggestion. I would recommend submitting your recommendation via the "Feedback" option near the bottom of the PayPal website. That is where many improvements are submitted to PayPal. 


I can definitely see how this would be helpful. At the moment, customers can only add a comment to their payment. 

- PayPal_Rich

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