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Pay After Delivery


Pay After Delivery

Hello, I received notification that I had been selected for Pay After Delivery. Then i registered for Pay After Delivery. But then i became very confused with the confirmation E-Mail i was sent. It is all about a direct debit from my account, and goes on about Bank Funding, could someone explain to me what i have let myself in for. what is Bank Funding i already had a PayPal account why is their a new direct debit being set up. I am confused and worried.

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Re: Pay After Delivery



When you add a bank account to paypal to pay sellers (pay after delivery OR normally) it sets up the direct debit mandate so that paypal can take authorised payments for any purchases you make (or pay your Ebay fees).
No company eg water/electric can take funds from your bank account on a regular basis without that direct debit.
However the amount shown is always the ''last'' transaction / amount that you paid to a seller via paypal.


With PAD all that happens is that the seller is still credited the funds by paypal but paypal give you an extra 14 days before they debit your bank account for the funds to pay them back again It just gives you a bit longer to pay. PAD only works from a linked bank account and not a card so you need the direct debit set up on your online banking so that the payments can transfer.

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