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can paypal inforce legal action if i refuse to pay shipping?

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i am new to paypal and a purchaser from overseas brought my ute off me.she deposited the money in to my account but it wont clear until i pay 4500 dollars in shipping out of my own pocket which i will get back once the funds clear,the trouble is i dont have the money to pay for the shipping.i was not aware of this hidden cost and now the purchaser is saying she cannot get her money back since she has already deposited the uncleared paypal is threatening to apply legal action against me..what can i do?i want to back out..surely the purchaser can get her money back  if paypal is holding it till it clears??need advice and help please......!


can paypal inforce legal action if i refuse to pay shipping?

PayPal Employee

Hello zac1702


Thank you for your question and I am very glad you came to our community for help.  While I don't have all the details of this transaction, it sounds to me like this is a scam and not related to PayPal.  PayPal does not operate in the manner in which you have described this transaction.


We will never ask you to ship an item out unless you physically see the money in your account and we would not ask you to pay some type of shipping up front before releasing the funds to you.  The communications you are receiving may look like they are from PayPal but they most likely are just fraudulent emails.  We would also not take legal action against you for not paying so with everything you have stated I am very confident this is not a legitimate sale and I would not ship anything out.


If you have any of the emails you have been receiving you can forward them to our Fraud department at for review.  I am sorry that you have had this experience but I am glad that you came to us for help before taking any further actions.  Have a great day.



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