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PayPal And GreenDot Money Pack SCAM or IGNORANCE

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PayPal And GreenDot Money Pack SCAM or IGNORANCE

PayPal And GreenDot Money Pack SCAM or IGNORANCE[ New ]

I will not go into a lengthy detail of my experience but like so many of you,I have been mislead by false advertisement by Pay Pal and Green Dot Money Pack,and the latest concern's Money Sending service of PayPal,I will list some of the things for new members to be warned about using this system.


1-Call PayPal and be aware of your assisting limit that you could add funds using Money Pack,I learned the hard way that there is a $250.00 limit that you could add using Money Pack,

Note:If by chance you go out and purchase a Money Pack card for $4.95 and you are over the limit,YOU CAN'T ADD THE FUNDS TO YOUR ACCOUNT,And there is nothing you could do but request a refund from Green Dot which you pay processing fee and you get to wait 7 to 10 daysto have a check sent to you.After having to payed $4.95 for the card in the beginning.for your money which took you less than 2mins to give at the checkout counter


2-If you decide to open another account be aware that PayPal will attach your prior account to the new account stopping your abilitie to add funds using Money Pack unless you furnish them your personal information,Like your credit cards or Bank account (Me personally I wanted to use PayPal and Money because I didn't want to put my personal information on the site)And once again you are struck with the Money Pack card

Note:If by chance you attempted to make a purchase on Ebay using PayPal,and you are over your limit Ebay will request you to give your personal info and if you don't they will flag your account with them restricting your purchase's


3-Sending Money using PayPal system isn't what they advertised it to be,(See Below)


IT’S convenient

Use “Send Money” to pay for purchases,

Send cash gifts, pay people back, and

Transfer money internationally

More ways to use it




Send Money comes in handy

You can use it for so many things!

  • Pay for a purchase
  • Settle group-outing bills
  • Send money for a group gift
  • Pay your team or club dues
  • Send a cash gift
  • Pay a friend for dinner
  • Send money to family in other countries
  • Get payment for extra shipping, taxes or additional services provided
  • Pay suppliers
  • Make international payments



Yes I was able to send to my brother and receive from my brother money,but once you got the money YOU CAN NOT USE IT FOR YOUR PURCHASE'S,I have attempted a few times and this last time I call customer service,and rep. couldn't give me a reason for the action but he did say for $1.50 processing fee they will send me a check which would take up to 7 to 10 business days to receive,I ask him so why transfer money if I can't use it for my purchase's,and I also told him that it was false advertisement by Pay Pal (see Above)that I could use this money anyway I choose but in fact all I could do is pay the processing fee for the check a check to be sent to me, he transferred and I waited for 20mins to speak with a account specialist to help me for a measly $22.00 purchase


It seem's to me that the SCAM telling people that you could use the money for anything(When they don't allow you to) , when in fact comes to money tranfer's all they want you to do is pay $1.50 processing fee to have a check sent to you which is deducted from the monies,or let the mony sit there much like a Bank does and your money is used by the system,much like a bank does


People Don't think your Money just sit there OK.


I hope this help's the new member's and it is my greater hope that PayPal do the right thing,I believe that this system could be great,If not greater than what it is.

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Re: PayPal And GreenDot Money Pack SCAM or IGNORANCE

Instead of relying on just advertisements, it's best to read the actual user agreements... the PayPal User Agreement and the MoneyPak User Agreement   The PayPal User Agreement provides all the details about the use of the PayPal service including limitations which your account may have.


For instance, section 3.1 of PayPal's User Agreement explains about sending limits... here's the text and a link to the User Agreement...

3.1 Sending Limits. We may, at our discretion, impose limits on the amount of money you can send through the PayPal Services. You can view your sending limit, if any, by logging into your Account and clicking on the View Limits link on the Account Overview page. If you have a Verified Account, we may increase your sending limits.

Also read the information on the MoneyPak website. For instance the FAQ's... one of which addresses the $250.00 starting limit... here's the text...

How much can I add to my PayPal account using the MoneyPak?

Your starting limit is $250 a year. You can fund up to $2,000 a month by providing your name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number. Green Dot will collect, verify and record this information on behalf of PayPal. This information WILL NOT be used for a credit check or marketing purposes.


Re: PayPal And GreenDot Money Pack SCAM or IGNORANCE

Yes, I don't  understand the money pak thing. I went out and purchased one so I could use it to make one purchase online. I did that because I read that  the money pak could be transferred to my paypal account  and I could shop online with it without having to give paypal my credit card or bank account.  That is a total lie.  I added the funds and tried to purchase and it would not let me.  I was so mad. I did get a hold of someone on the phone and she let the payment go through but said that next time I need a credit or bank account.  HUH?  Why would I need to give them a credit card or bank account when the money is all ready in my account?????? Makes no sense.  Green dot should quit false advertising!