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Hi. I'm from Nigeria and I've been trying to link my card to my account but my card is being declined. That's the only option I see to verify my account. There's no option to link my bank account or anything else. I received an international call from Dublin this morning saying it's from Paypal and they wanted to help resolve my card issues. They requested to send me a code which I will give back to them so they can help me link my card. I just wanted to confirm if it's really true that I can receive a call to link my card or PayPal doesn't send calls this is a scam
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Firstly no I would not trust that phone call. Any codes supplied would enable the caller to hack your paypal account.

I have never heard of paypal c.s. phoning out of the blue to offer help linking a card.


Secondly you can't add a local bank account / and rarely a debit card in your country.
You can only link a visa credit card.

Also the option to receive Paypal payments is sadly not available in Nigeria.
You can only send payments for purchases funded by your (confirmed) credit card.

Paypal varies a lot country to country and can only offer the services that the banks / governments of that country allow it to offer.
There are quite a few countries unable to receive Paypal payments.

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