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CAFAGO and TOMTOP - experience - Please be careful when your order gets broken

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I did not order at TomTop, but at Cafago ... but is the same company - the site is completely copied. About both I can say: If your product is not damaged or it is not defective after 3 months, you have no problem here. But as soon as a complaint is due, you will treat you like an idiot, always have new apologies until you give up. Fortunately, I paid PayPal, now have to send a toilet seat to China at my own expense. I already know that it will not arrive at their warehouse, as it is supposed to go to Hong Kong ... but they write Xianggang (that is how the Chinese call Hong Kong), CN ...- also the postal code is wrong. What will happen: it will not arrive ... and Cafago thinks they make the rules:
"1. The Cost of Return Demand to Cover by Yourself. Need to Select The Post Office with Tracking Number.
2. Packaging Items Need Original.
3. After Receiving the Package, We Will Refund You As Soon As Possible.
If You Agree With Those Points, We want to Send You the Address.
Please Let Us Know Your Final Decision."
I Have Already Exchanged dozens of emails with them, their target is just wasting time ... until you give up.
Luckily PayPal just needs proof that it was send to the address they provided...even if it is lost or gets back to me.
Please, everyone, be warned of these people. Read other reviews of others and you will see that it all repeats itself. So many make the same experience. Many give up, others send to them (with not having PayPal coverage) and then they have spend even money on the postage - but CAFAGO or TOMTOP are just replying that they never received it...

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