Upload files to PayPal to prove identity but keeps getting 404 error page after Send files.


My account is currently limited, PayPal asked for documents to prove identity. I uploaded my new ID card (different numbers from the old ID card). It's the government change not me. But my Full name, birthday, address, personal photo on ID .. are the same. Then PayPal decided to permanently limit my account!!

I tried to contact the Customer Service and they provided me the link http://www.paypal.com/il/uploaddoc to upload again the documents with more papers. I need to collect the bank statements, Household family book etc. I'm sure all the files are in correct file type (PDF, JPG)

However, after attach files, only need to send files, the page always redirects to https://www.paypal.com/vn/webapps/mpp/page-not-found 


What should I do now? I still have few thousand dollars in PayPal and many orders unpaid. I tried to contact again but no response received yet. 

Please help!


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Hello @hoanglongphoto,


Welcome to PayPal Community Forum and thank you for posting!


I am sorry to know that you're facing issues while uploading documents to limitations. Handling with a limitation can be quite concerning. In this situation, the best way is to contact us through the call us option or messaging option so that our representatives can help you submit the documents. You can find the available options to reach us by clicking on this link. Please note that due to the high volume, the responses will be answered in the order they are received. I appreciate your patience meanwhile.




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