In order to complete my KYC I have to give my PAN CARD details. My PAN CARD is actually linked with my AADHAR CARD. But when I give my pan number it is shown that aadhar is not linked. And I have only one attempt left. What should I do? please help. All my transactions are pending.

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Contact customer services for assistance:


Click Contact Us at the bottom.


Option 1: Go to topic closest to your issue, then click Message Us or Call Us after the This information might help box so PayPal can better direct your message or call to the right department to resolve your problem.


Option 2: Scroll to the bottom to select a contact option: Message Us or Call us.


Live chat might be available depending on time of day or availability of the service in your country.


A live chat box will automatically appear if available if you’re in the help page long enough. 


There’s also social media:    

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