Totally confused about implementing a "modern" PayPal interface

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Hi all


I've previously created a PayPal integration using the old "cgi-bin/webscr" which works, but I believe is very out-of-date nowadays.


I come from a PHP background, can do "classic" Javascript - and have dabbled with node.js and react.js (on my local server), but am not au fait with implementing those on a live website environment.


It looks like PHP guidance documentation has been discontinued in PayPal developer documents, and everything seems to lean towards using the JS SDK, but it seems to imply that node.js is also needed.


I followed a tutorial online at

Which did seem to point me in the right kind of direction (I liked the JS implementation of the Buy Now button), but I also got an error "Authentication failed due to invalid authentication credentials or a missing Authorization header."


I think I need to also retrieve the "order" details somehow, but am not sure how, and have got really confused with the documentation. Does anyone know of a good tutorial to guide me, and/or advise which way to implement a "modern" PayPal interface?




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