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Scraping a percentage from donations

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Hello all,
I am new here and have been seeking information that I have been unable to find so far, so I turn to asking my questions to the community directly.

I am a web developer who is trying to build a crowdfunding application that allows people to donate to startups.
The entire idea of how we work is that we will scrape a percentage of each donation to keep for ourselves... is this possible? How can it be done?
Would we allow peer-to-peer donations and take a percentage of that to a separate account for ourselves? Or would we have to take the entirety of the donation and then send the recipient the majority of said donation afterwards? (This will be my first application that handles the transfer of funds, and I have yet to interact with the PayPal API whatsoever.)

Also,  will I need a business account to test this during development? So far we are just beginning to develop the idea and have no existing business license. Just a rough draft of a website. Will I be able to process donations with a personal account, or open a Business Account before we become an actual business? (I understand that this is an entirely separate question and deserves a separate post, but I figured I would tack it on here in case a knowledgeable person sees it. I would also appreciate any suggestions as to which board my questions would best be posted to.)


We sell zero goods. We simply facilitate donations.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help.

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