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Can't get payment via Rest API on live mode


Can't get payment via Rest API on live mode

I am using Paypal SDK Rest API which is and I want to switch live. I was testing the site on sandbox mode and it was doing fine. But I switched the account to live mode and a customer bought a product from site. The payment part was fine and all infos were set but the money didn't recieve to my account. Also there is no pending, waiting orders. What should I do now?

I do not get any error codes on website.

And this is my code for start.php


$clientId = 'client id for live';
$clientSecret = 'clientsecret for live';
* All default curl options are stored in the array inside the PayPalHttpConfig class. To make changes to those settings
* for your specific environments, feel free to add them using the code shown below
* Uncomment below line to override any default curl options.
// \PayPal\Core\PayPalHttpConfig::$defaultCurlOptions[CURLOPT_SSLVERSION] = CURL_SSLVERSION_TLSv1_2;
/** @var \Paypal\Rest\ApiContext $apiContext */
$apiContext = getApiContext($clientId, $clientSecret);
return $apiContext;
* Helper method for getting an APIContext for all calls
* @param string $clientId Client ID
* @param string $clientSecret Client Secret
* @return PayPal\Rest\ApiContext
function getApiContext($clientId, $clientSecret)
// #### SDK configuration
// Register the sdk_config.ini file in current directory
// as the configuration source.
if(!defined("PP_CONFIG_PATH")) {
define("PP_CONFIG_PATH", __DIR__);
// ### Api context
// Use an ApiContext object to authenticate
// API calls. The clientId and clientSecret for the
// OAuthTokenCredential class can be retrieved from
$apiContext = new ApiContext(
new OAuthTokenCredential(
// Comment this line out and uncomment the PP_CONFIG_PATH
// 'define' block if you want to use static file
// based configuration
'mode' => 'sandbox',
'log.LogEnabled' => true,
'log.FileName' => '../PayPal.log',
'cache.enabled' => true,


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