Pay in 3 messages not showing, and Pay Later button not working. Website Payments Pro.


He have integrated Website Payments Pro (UK based).

All is working fine with payments.


However, we have recently tried to offer the Pay in 3 messages and the button to our integration. The message simply shows nothing with no error (it definitely fills the container with some code as it adds extra padding once 'loaded'). The Pay Later button does show up however once it is pressed it consistently (across multiple tested buyer accounts) does not show the pay in 3 option.


This all works correctly in our sandbox environment with sandbox credentials so that leads me to think this may be something that needs to be "switched on" for our account. The console says very little (at least nothing useful) even with the debug option set in the sku script params.


Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. 

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Did you get this sorted?


I have the same issue ( few similar unanswered questions n the forum ). The only thing I can think of is that the region of our server is in Ireland, but surely it should be the visitors region?




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Good day @vallaton / @jhodgson4 ,


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


We recommend merchants to integrate our latest PayPal Checkout (Smart button) product.

Guide link : 

Please follow the below steps via your PayPal account. 

Login >> click on "settings icon" >> go to "Account settings" >> Website payments >> PayPal buttons >> select "Smart Buttons" button type >> fill all the required details >> copy & paste the button code on your website with the help of your website developer. 


Login >> go to direct link "" >> follow the above steps

I would suggest to please contact your website developer or the support of your third party platform(eCommerce) who can above help you add the above Smart button code on your website. 


Note : Pay Later in the UK includes the following:

  • Pay in 3 - Eligible UK buyers can pay in three interest-free payments for purchases of £30 – £2,000.
  • PayPal Credit - Eligible UK buyers receive a revolving line of credit that they can use to pay over time. PayPal Credit offers either 0% interest for 4 months on purchases over £99 or a merchant-specific Installment offers. For the 0% interest for 4 months offer, any remaining balance due after the promotional period or any transactions under £99 are charged interest at the standard variable rate. Terms and conditions apply.

To add Pay Later button : Render the Pay Later button in a one-time payment integration by passing enable-funding=paylater in the PayPal JavaScript SDK. For details, see enable funding.


Sample for reference :


<script src=""></script> 


Add Pay Later offers through an e-commerce platform and PSPs : 


If your still facing any issues, please create a MTS ticket via - with the detail information and error details.




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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