Issue with Rendering Trustly Payment Button via PayPal JavaScript SDK


Hello, I am trying to integrate Trustly as a payment method on PayPal using the provided PayPal documentation.

I have successfully interacted with the API to create an order with "trustly" as the "payment_source", and in the sandbox, I am receiving a "payer-action" URL in response.

However, I am facing a problem with the PayPal JavaScript SDK where the Trustly payment button is not consistently rendered and reports that Trustly is not "eligible". It appears intermittently, being visible sometimes, but not for all users who are testing it. Additionally, there are instances where the button appears but then disappears, behaving quite unpredictably—it might function properly for a few minutes or even hours, and then not show up for a day or two.

Could anyone help me understand why Trustly is considered ineligible and suggest any solutions to enable the rendering of the payment button?

Thank you!

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