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     Firstly I am the website owner and not a web programmer but thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone else has had this issue. So my 2 websites which were running paypal but the type that took you away from the site and onto paypal itself were working fine, then paypal contacted me to tell me about the new improved intregrated version where the customer stays on my site and also has the option of paying via card.  so we set up new rest api's and it was installed on my sites. All seems to go ok BUT every so often I get customers call me up saying there is nowhere for them to pay when they have got to checkout. What normally happens and does for 95% of people, myself and web developer included, is when the item is in the basket, the customer selects the shipping method and then the paypal payments buttoms pop up..... but for some customers when they select the shipping...thats it....nothing else happens and they have no way of paying for the goods. This is exactly the same story for all customers that contact me with this issue and they have sent screen shots and I have talked them through on the phone, my web guy has no error logs and neither can I see any in the paypal devloper back end...its like paypal just doesnt 'inject' the payment box into the website.... has anyone else had this issue?

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