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Will I receive refund or is eBay seller blagging me?

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Hi, before christmas I purchased an item on eBay and payed via PayPal through my bank account. Turns out the item was broken so I returned it 2 weeks ago. The seller messaged to say he had refunded and also sent a separate payment to refund my postage. The seller said it would take a few days for me to recieve my refund.. fair enough. That was 6 days ago. But on my eBay purchase history it is not showing up as refunded nor is there any purchase pending on my PayPal history when I view the transaction. Is normal for nothing to show up on the PayPal transaction and purchase history on eBay when a refund has been made or is the seller having me on a nothing has likely been sent? I don't know when to open up a case.

Will I receive refund or is eBay seller blagging me?

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When you are refunded you get an email from paypal to say a refund has been made AND the refund would show in your paypal account balance as pending or completed.


If you are able to open a dispute then a refund cannot have been made.


BUT i will warn you that if you are opening a paypal dispute as opposed to an ebay one then you have to provide proof via a tracking number to prove the item was received back by the seller.

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