Webhooks stopped working two days ago... and I don't understand why


We're using a WHMCS system, that worked fine accepting PayPal payments until 2 days ago.
Since 2 days, in PayPal event logs I can find every payment operation completed but with the status "pending"
In "attempt history" for every transaction, I find the date and time of attempt and a "FAIL_SOFT" error

In the message, I can find:

"webhook_url": "https://example.com/modules/gateways/callback/paypalwebhooks.php",
"transmission_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"status": "PENDING",
"timestamp": "2024-01-17T20:01:52Z"

 What is "FAIL_SOFT"? What does it mean?
NOTE: no update were done in last weeks, and until two days ago everything worked fine...
Any idea about what to do, or how investigate deeper this issue?

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Good day @Remitur 


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When multiple retry attempts are made to send notifications, and these attempts are unsuccessful, they are logged as Fail_Soft.


When a webhook event is marked as "Pending," it means that the event has not been successfully sent.


I kindly request that you update the Webhook URL and try again.


There could be a few reasons why your webhooks are in the "Pending" status:


  1. Webhooks are in a status of retrying: This occurs when no response is received from your listener. The system will continue to retry sending the webhook until a response is received.

       2. If your listener is not responding: If your listener does not respond within a certain timeframe, the pending webhooks will eventually be marked as  "Failed."


If you are still experiencing issues, please create an MTS ticket via the following URL -  https://www.paypal-support.com/s/?language=en_US . Please ensure that you provide detailed information and error details when submitting the ticket.




PayPal MTS


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