Migrate from Adaptive Payments to Commerce Platform


We have been live with Adaptive Payments for a long time (more than a decade at this point), and was thinking we should probably think about migrating to Commerce Platform for Marketplaces and Platforms since the former is deprecated.


1.  I see conflicting information about if we need to have it enabled for the sandbox account. I have it *mostly* working via sandbox (onboarding, orders, payments, etc.), but when we are trying to test the flow for refunds, we get INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR message from PayPal servers. It seems like it has to do with there being partner_fees on the payment we are trying to refund. Leaving out partner fees in the refund results in the INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR (it also doesn't work to refund via normal PayPal sandbox account (get a generic message from PayPal saying, "We can't process any refund at this moment due to technical reasons. Please try again later".  If I specifically call out that we want to return platform_fees, we get the message PLATFORM_FEE_NOT_ENABLED (again, this is on a Sandbox account).  So my question is do we need to actually have it enabled on a sandbox account?  And if we need to do that, who do we talk to to make that happen?


2. This is secondary, but if we wanted to offer the ability to handle subscriptions for merchants, there's no way to collect a platform fee on the subscription it seems. Is that correct?

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