"Payment Captured" live webhooks are taking up to 2 hours to send - What are my options?


My website listens for "Payment Captured Completed" REST API Webhooks in order to properly change product status, send order emails, etc.


It is an extremely important aspect of my business that needs immediate (ideally 2-10 seconds) webhook responses. However, ever since switching to PayPal from Stripe, it has been a constant headache of customers contacting me not sure if their payments are going through because payment-captured webhooks are taking up to 2 hours to send. Even though "Payment Order Approved" webhooks are almost instant, and I can see in my logs that the payments are being captured via API, it is only the captured webhooks that are taking a long time to fire.


Here's what my experience has been, a warning to anyone thinking of using PayPal for payments.


Response Times:

Stripe Payment Confirmed Webhooks: 2-10 seconds

PayPal Order Approved: 2-10 seconds

PayPal Payment Captured (payment successful): 2 minutes - 2 hours


What options do I have for a more reliable webhook response time? Are there enterprise solutions that I can pay for in order for quicker webhooks? Do I need to switch back to Stripe? This is honestly unacceptable for a company of this magnitude. 



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