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I can't generate a PayPal Cash bar code on my PayPal Business account.


PayPalCash Add Money At Store

Hello, I am unable to Add Money to my PayPal Account using the PayPalCash GreenDot feature. 

Everytime I select "Add Money at Store" it responds, "Oops! Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again." Everytime I refresh page and it says the same thing thing. I have tried to Add Cash unto my PayPal for 2 1/2 weeks. 


Re: PayPalCash Add Money At Store

I made a similar topic yesterday.  The "Add money at store" function isn't working for anyone right now and paypal and green dot have been alarmingly quiet about this.  It's possible that paypal is cancelling this function altogether similar to what they did with moneypaks a few years ago, all we can do is keep trying every day to see if it's fixed but don't hold your breath.  

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I'm trying to add money to my Paypal account with PayPal cash where you go to a retailer and you take the barcode & the money and you add money to your account. My problem is for my PayPal account when I press the button add money it brings up a page that says PayPal or my bank account the backs up my account but doesn't give me the option for a retailer help help


Error message when you try to get barcode to add money at the register

I have been trying to get a barcode to add money at the register for about two weeks now.  The same error message keeps popping up.  So I have called PayPal several times to no avail.  The CSR people use the same scripted reply each time.  Could the problem really be that PayPal and Greendot are actually having a dispute about the transaction fees ($3.95) that PayPal asked them to charge?  I have noticed that Greendot is charging $5.95 fee for any of their cards at the store.  Do not trust any reply PayPal gives you.  There has been one solution to getting the barcode but you have to have an iPhone.  If you don't have an iPhone, you're just up the creek. 

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Re: Error message when you try to get barcode to add money at the register

How does the IPhone help?

Re: Error message when you try to get barcode to add money at the register

You will find the solution under the about products heading.  Planetary entered the solution.  PayPal or Greendot may have blocked that route by now.  Try it and see if it is still good.

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Error Message for Barcode

I have not been able to add money due to this error. Anyone else had any luck?
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addind money at a retail store

I cant print a add money add a retail store paper. Keeps saying Something went wrong, try again.  Is paypal down ???

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Barcode issue

I cant create a barcode to add cash to my paypal account. This has been going on for two weeks now. I get an error every time I try. Paypal management has stayed to me that this is a glitch and their team is working on the issue. Im beginning to think the problem is specific to my account???? No more run around!!#

Re: Barcode issue

This has been going on since at least Feb 23rd.  PayPal has been notified umpteen times about this by several people; and, all PayPal says is that they are aware of this and have supposedly got their Techs working on a solution. Ha,ha,ha. Right.  If you call them, they will just lie to you just like they have done to everyone else.  I don't think they even want to fix the problem.  They're going to to much trouble to evade the truth of what is going on.