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I have a duplicate charge on my bank account after using Paypal's Pay in 3 scheme.

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These charges have been made on successive days, one on the 16th June, the other the day after on the 17th! They are showing as pending on my bank account. The bank states they haven't gone through as yet, waiting for PP to take the money, but it's still reduced my account more than I am happy with!  This is for a purchase from Juno in the UK, and it's showing on my PP account as full amount paid to them and split in to 3 payments, the first to go out on 16th June. But I can't understand why there's a 2nd pending payment for the same amount pending on the 17th June.  I've used this scheme many times and this is the first time this has happened. What is going on? I've searched the Help forum and this appears to happen a lot.


I have a duplicate charge on my bank account after using Paypal's Pay in 3 scheme.


Hello @DoK,

Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum! I can certainly understand the concern associated to having a duplicate charge on your bank account account. When it comes to PayPal Pay in 4 the initial transaction will reflect as a pending authorization. Typically a pending authorization will be removed from a bank account within 24-48 hours. However, if the pending status continues I advise to contact our Customer Support team directly for additional assistance. Thank you again for reaching out on the PayPal Community Forum, I hope the information provided is able to assist with your concerns. 

- Alessandra

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