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E Check Trap


E Check Trap

I’d be curious to know the statistics of how many people actually wanted and intended to choose E-Check and expected the funds to be immediate and how many felt trapped into that option when they simply needed the funds to come from their Bank but still be instant. I was told by customer service that the loophole to get around that 5 day hold is that the sender must have both a bank and a credit card linked to their PayPal account for the transfer to be instant....but that must also be a discretionary choice by PayPal to exercise based on what criteria is a mystery but no matter your urgent need...stranded on the side of the road, moving into a new place, in need of emergency assistance...they repeat that script 100 times over no matter what.

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Re: E Check Trap

I am in the same boat - a friend sent me some money as a gift, but Paypal arbitrarily decided it was an e-check and has it on hold for five days (or more apparently). The money has already been removed from my friend's bank account though - they did it the same moment she sent the payment! I'm an animal rescuer waiting on funds to take two sick cats to a sanctuary and that money was supposed to pay for the trip. My friend says she did not choose e-check, and dealing with Paypal phone service is worse than anything.  I swear, if someone invents something better than Paypal I am there in a minute. When you need convenience, they are convenient, but when you have a problem, you are **bleep**.