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Cancelling a Paypal pmnt

New Community Member

Cancelling a Paypal pmnt

I just accidentally ordered Sleepi Anti snore nose clip online from Fortuniaco USd 30.94 Is there any way you can cancel this payment Please do all possible to do so Many Thanks. Sirpa <removed>


Re: Cancelling a Paypal pmnt

Hi @Kaneli12,


I'm sorry to hear that there was a transaction made that you wish to cancel. A transaction cannot be canceled once it is made. If you wish to cancel the purchase, you can contact the seller and request that they not ship the item and refund the payment instead. A seller is not required to comply with that request, but some sellers will do so as a best business practice. I'm guessing that the item has already been shipped at this time, however.


I'm sorry for any frustration.




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