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How can I implement paypal api for payments with Credit card in my website?

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Hi, support 

I am a developer for my company , our website want to use paypal gateway or api to implement credit card payment. 
what are the steps ?which api should I use ?  

I am totally cofused with all your diffrent products (payment pro? payflow? express checkout )

I found that maybe I should use payflow gateway? is that right? 
should I follow this guide ?
following this guide I should register account in , but some other docs said that should create a sandbox account in I am also confused about the sandbox for restapi ?  so credit card do not have a rest api ? is that right ?

so more specifically , I want to know
1, what kind of paypal account should company to register? 
2, which Api should I use to integrate credit card payment in our own site? 
3, How can i test this ? (sandbox or ?)

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