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Help! Paypal button on Wix websites

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Hello - I am in desperate need for here.

I created my online store (I am a florist) and I offer free delivery across Mauritius where I live but I am taking orders from all over the world and accepting payment with Paypal. 
The problem is that on my checkout page,  there is a big Paypal yellow button next to Checkout button.. I would like to remove it and have only the check out button. It will allow the customer to continue to the page where they provide all the info that I need and then on the payment part, they can choose paypal. Unfortunately, at the moment customers are clicking on the first paypal button leading them to the paypal platform and I dont get to collect the info I need (e.g delivery address, name of person getting the flowers, special message etc..)

Here is my website

Can anyone please help me 🙂 ?

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