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Request Payments With an Online Invoice


Request Payments With an Online Invoice


Send professional, customisable invoices with PayPal to almost anyone. Your customers worldwide can pay you easily whether they have a PayPal account or not. You’ll also be able to track and manage your payments, among other features ­ – all to make it easier for you, whether you have a regular business, larger volume of sales or you’re an occasional seller.


  • Best if: You’re not selling directly through a website, blog or marketplace.
    You’re a freelancer or service provider (i.e. if you sell a service like graphic design,  tuition etc.).            
  • Technical skills: None.
  • Payments accepted globally: PayPal balance, major credit and debit cards, and bank account.

How it works

  1. Go to “Create and Manage Invoices” in your PayPal account.
  2. Enter your customer’s email address, your service/item details and price in our simple form.

    (You can also choose add more details – i.e. business information, logo, note to recipient etc.)

  3. Preview the invoice then send it.

Your customers receive your invoice in their email. It will include a payment button which, when clicked, will allow them to view your invoice and make the payment via PayPal's secure website. You’ll receive an email notification when you get paid, and the payment is credited to your PayPal account immediately.


More ways you can use PayPal’s Invoicing to support your business.


Creating and sending…

  • Bill by hours, quantity or just enter a simple amount. You can also customise the template (i.e. add more fields, choose a currency, upload a file etc.).
  • Save your invoice so you can use it again.
  • CC other recipients.
  • Group invoice: Send a unique invoice to multiple recipients at the same time. You can include individual recipient details (i.e. name, address) in a group invoice.
  • Accept partial payments. This is great for deposits or installments.

Tracking and managing…

  • Track the status of invoices, and edit or cancel your request.
  • Send reminders.
  • View and search your invoice history.
  • Save your reusable information, such as: customer contacts, company details etc.

More ways

  • Share an invoice link with your customer: Instead of PayPal emailing the invoice, you can copy the URL and send it in your own email, text, or however you like.
  • Use it to record a payment – for example, you received a payment by cash and would like make a receipt or save a record.
  • Save or print a PDF of your invoice.

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