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Sell on eBay

Accepting PayPal for your eBay listings can help attract more buyers around the world. eBay can be a standalone business solution, or you can use it to supplement your website or app offerings. Plus, you'll be protected with Seller Protection on eligible items.

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Sorry, your bank wasn't able to verify your MASTERCARD
I intend to buy something online. When I am about to check up and this sentences"Sorry, your bank wasn't able to verify your MASTERCARD x at this time. Please choose another way to...
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Start selling on eBay with PayPal.

  1. Create an eBay Seller Account
  2. Link your eBay account to your PayPal account. Log in to your eBay account, click My eBay and then select the “Account” tab. Click Link my PayPal account and follow the instructions
  3. Create a listing. For tips on how to create listings that sell, visit the eBay Seller Centre
  • Maximise your business with an eBay Store

    • Access new customers
    • Personalise your pages
    • Take advantage of marketing and reporting features to build, manage, promote and track your business

    View eBay selling best practices

  • Seller Protection

    PayPal Seller Protection safeguards your eligible transactions against claims, chargebacks and reversals for unauthorised payments and claims that items were not received.

    More about PayPal Seller Protection

  • Managing Shipping

    eBay buyers like to know the total cost of an item before they buy, so it's best to complete your shipping options and costs on the listing form. Be competitive and offer free shipping if you can.

    Read more postage tips

More payment solutions to suit your business.

  • Online payments

    PayPal is a great way to get paid online. Accept major credit cards and PayPal payments easily and more securely.

    More about online payments

  • Online invoicing

    Create and email a professional, customised invoice in minutes. Send reminders, and issue receipts and refunds.

    More about online invoicing

  • Mobile payments

    Accept payments around the world with our mobile-optimised solutions, on your mobile website, or through your Android and iOS apps.

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