Integrate PayPal Business with Jotform?


Here's how: 

  1. Log in to your Jotform Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add Form Element button in the Form Builder.
  3. Go to the Payments tab.
  4. Search and click PayPal Business from the list. You can also drag/drop it to add.


  5. In the Payment Settings, select Live Mode.
  6. Click the Connect button.
  7. Log in to your PayPal Business account and follow the on-screen instructions to grant permissions to link your PayPal account to Jotform.
  8. Click the Go Back to Jotform button.

  9. Once you are connected, the button will display as Connected.


  10. Set up the other options accordingly:
    • Currency — PayPal Business supports multiple currencies. You can find the list at
    • Payment Type — With PayPal Business, you can sell products, sell subscriptions, allow user-defined amounts, or collect donations.
    • Payment Method — You can show either a debit/credit card, PayPal, or both. Alternative payment methods are also supported based on your or the buyer’s location.

For more details on PayPal Business, see also Jotform docs.



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