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Recurring PayPayments - Change Seller/Merchant Email Address

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When a recurring subscription is set up is the subscription tied to the sellers emails address for it's lifetime or is it tied the actual PayPal account? I have the following scenario:


1) Business PayPal set up taking recurring subscription payments

2) Current subscriptions paid to members at

3) Want to remove members at from the PayPal account completely and just use new email address e.g. members at


What happens to current subscriptions if the the current email address is removed from the merchants PayPal account?


Recurring PayPayments - Change Seller/Merchant Email Address


Once the PayPal Subscription Profile is established, it is attached to a specific PayPal Account. Even if you change your email address the subscriptions will still bill.


If you setup your Subscription Payment Button to a specific email address and not your Merchant ID or a Hosted Button with your Merchant ID, then your buyers will have issues with creating new subscription payments if you change your email address.


Here is information on managing existing subscriptions:

Manage Subscriptions Dashboard


You can change your Primary Email address and your Customer Service Email address on your PayPal Account. The Customer Service email is the contact email that will display for your customers.


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