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paypal configuration with our WEBSITE - Magento Based

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Hello --- PayPal CHAT function isn't working - can't find a phone number to call so I am asking the community to assist ---- 


Our website totally crashed some time back and we are in the process of re-launching but as we need to set up a payment configuration I am stumbling as I didn't originally set it up ---- 


Is there anyone out there that would be able to assist me?  We want to accept checks / credit cards and yes of course PayPal.    there seems to be three options available - WE ARE VERY SMALL so don't need tons of bells or whistles ---  but want all options out there .....  Need advice as to which of the three options -- and then "how to" do the rest of the set up...


would be more than happy to call if needed --


Heinrich <removed>

RISE North America

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