When will the auto return feature be available on new Payment buttons?


Auto return for payment with button is not working with new buttons. It still works with older buttons.


I read on a post from MTS_Jennifer (moderator) on March 20, 2024 that "Currently the auto return feature is not available on the Payment links and buttons. However, the PayPal Product Developers do have this on the roadmap, so it will be a feature in the future."


This is a big problem for us as we use the PDT URL to capture payment information and process on our website.


Why did PayPal remove this feature?

Will it be working for each button again? or only overall the same for all buttons?

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Hello @MCarstensen ,

Thank you for reaching out to the PayPal Merchant Community. I wanted to provide you with some updates on the Pay Links and buttons option. Initially, this feature was designed for merchants who required pay now and buy now button options. However, we are continuously working on improving this product by adding new features.

Here are the options that will be available in the near future:

  • Return URL: This feature will be included in the next code release within the next few months.

Additionally, we are currently working on the development of the following options:

  • Add to Cart: This will allow customers to add multiple items to their cart before making a purchase.
  • Inventory tracking: This feature will help merchants keep track of their stock levels.
  • Text Box for all pricing options

If you had previously integrated the original website payment's standard buttons and were using PDT token with a return URL, it should still work. Merchants who originally had standard buttons can continue using them.

Our goal is to make the new pay buttons and links as user-friendly as possible while retaining some of the features available in the original standard buttons.


Thank you,




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We have the PDT token that was used before, but the older buttons were deleted and a new button created.

It is mission critical for us to get this working asap.

Is there a way to attach a return URL and re-use the PDT token we have?


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