PayPal "View Cart" button action in WordPress


I have "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" PayPal buttons on my website. They are on the same webpage. They have worked fine for years. This fall after updating the buttons in PayPal for new products and generating a new View Cart button, I noticed that the View Cart button would take the user to the "Your Shopping Cart" PayPal page as usual, BUT if the user then clicked "Continue shopping", they would be taken back to the Home page, instead of the tickets page they had come from. It had worked properly before this for many years. I added the <input type="hidden" name="shopping_url" value="https://sinfonietta.../wordpress/tickets". The action now is a short pause at the Tickets page, and then onward to the Home page anyway! How can I get the action to return to the Tickets page and stay there? It actually works just fine on Android but not on Chrome or Edge. @Paypal buttons @ View cart button

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