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Need Help Integrating Paypal/Venmo on my website!

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Hello Paypal Community,

In need of some real help here. I feel like I'm so close but I'm missing some things to get this right for sure. I am a moderate level programmer and new to e commerce integration, so thanks for being patient. I'm trying to implement Paypal/Venmo on my partners website so she can simply sell her fitness video. I've had real difficult time. The basic flow I need is, users clicks on a Buy Now button for the video they desire, transaction happens, returns data (email address)/confirmation so that I can send out a video link by email to the buyer.


I have the sandbox going, and to what I think, is the right credentials. Currently, I have a PHP cURL script that is creating a mock order. I get the response but not sure what to do from here... and not sure if going about this properly. I have started with the Paypal side but ideally I would like to use Venmo, since many clients of hers is already savvy to that. Both would be most ideal, but just need to get something to work initially.


I'm confused by what the "token" means, but it seems when I test that the test order is being generated and the token with it. Again just not sure I'm doing this properly.. Any and all help is super appreciated and thank you for your time and help!

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