My Website's Donate Button / Check Out Cart is Not Working from a Mobile Device

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Hi! I need assistance please with an issue I am having on my nonprofit charity website with the DONATE button(s). I recently shared my nonprofit's website domain link on both my Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. However, anyone trying to access my website to make a donation from a mobile phone-- when they click on the Paypal DONATE buttons in various areas, it brings them to a generic Paypal log-in screen... and NOT to my nonprofit's personalized check out cart. (However, if a person goes to the website link I shared earlier on my Instagram or Facebook pages-- and they are accessing these social media sites using a desktop computer--they do not have a problem when clicking the DONATE button. It takes them straight to the correct check out area! I need to know why they are unable to access the Paypal Donate /checkout cart correctly from a mobile device on Facebook and Instagram-- Will you please take a look, and let me know how this can be corrected? Do you know what the issue might be? I greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have to offer. My website is : Thank you! 

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