Issue copying paypal button code


Yesterday I was able to copy a code for a paypal 'buy it now' smart button (the buttons that are in the new format where you can choose the different colours blue, grey, black, gold, and then create it as rectangular or oval shaped), i copied the button onto my wordpress site and it successfully worked in sending a payment through.

I accidentally deleted the code, and I can't find it again. I've tried going onto to create a new button and generate a code, but the code doesn't work, on wordpress it just says 'no preview available'. 

I've since tried adding a donation button and an old styled 'buy it now' button to my wordpress site, and it's been successfull, it just seems the modern (smart buttons) don't seem to work on the site now and I can't figure out why, or where I copied the code from last time.


I've looked at my existing buttons, but the smart button doesn't appear to be stored there on paypal.

Is there a way I can create one of the old style buttons and then edit it to be a smart button, or any other way of me finidng the code to get the modern style button on my website.

Thank you,


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