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Implement Checkout without requesting shipping address


Implement Checkout without requesting shipping address

Hi, I'm following the instructions laid out on this documentation page for implementing Paypal Checkout:


We do not want Paypal using the payer's address as the shipping address.  We want Paypal to completely skip anything to do with a shipping address as we collect that ourselves on our website.  We sell gift baskets and the item rarely goes to the purchaser, there is a separate recipient.


How do we suppress the collection of the shipping address using this checkout process?


I already looked at the Orders API and the application_context option with shipping_preference = NO_SHIPPING but that doesn't work.  It throws a javascript error of "Uncaught ReferenceError: NO_SHIPPING is not defined".


javascript code:


// Set up the transaction
createOrder: function(data, actions){
return actions.order.create({
purchase_units: [{
amount: {
value: '#numberformat(OrderTotal + ShippingTotal + TaxTotal, "9.99")#'
application_context: {
shipping_preference: NO_SHIPPING