I would like to ask if someone knows better webshop platform


I have a some websites where i am making a shop and directing it on a my store 

webhoster are not where i am living but in usa , and one is in mailchimp .

they have offered domains for 5 years and i had a problems to connect and integrate that domain with a paypal buttons and make a shop ...

they have integrations with a squarespace and others and when you try to open shop it all is limited .

then i asked their support tech team or support to move domain to a blogger as in blogger i can make a 

shop and try to sell my products ...my products are specific , like as i am ophthalmologist it has a variety of or from 

eye consulting or from ophthal-consulting or eye exercises or like a space vision , comics, or like a climate change specific s a like a analysis developiing air space ophthalmology experimental and i would love to have real shop to have sell contact lenses and a eyewear and but i cannt,  i am doing my best  .... i would ask if someone knows - best free webhosting,shop platform with integrated paypal buttons ,that i could make online for some period let s say,  for two years 2020-2022 or more time upto 2025 as i am restructuring websites and it s a different market today, and  C-virus Crisis . If i could put plz don t missunderstood me i would like just to show you / if am braking paypal community rulles delete website link /...this website i am trying to move domain to blogger webhosting as mailchimo is not good hoster .... www.altao.org ...thank you -@-@ - stay cool, stay safe and good health for all ..🤣😀🍌👍

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