How Can I Setup Paypal as a Payment Gateway on my website

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I want to set up PayPal payment gateway on my website in order to receive payments from clients. Please check my website as well if its eligible.

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We recommend merchants to integrate our latest PayPal Checkout (Smart button) product.

Guide link : 

Please follow the below steps via your PayPal account. 

Login >> click on "settings icon" >> go to "Account settings" >> Website payments >> PayPal buttons >> select "Smart Buttons" button type >> fill all the required details >> copy & paste the button code on your website with the help of your website developer. 


Login >> go to direct link "" >> follow the above steps

I would suggest to please contact your website developer or the support of your third party platform(eCommerce) who can above help you add the above Smart button code on your website. 




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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