Best paypal solution to use for custom ecommerce platform?

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We need help deciding which API would be most relavent to us for accepting paypal payments on our ecommerce store. Our store requires users to pay immediatly as we automatically ship the item for free next-day delivery on all purchase. For this reason we decided we will probably need to use PDT as the sooner we recieve comfirmation of the order we need to ship the product to meet deadlines.


I don't like the idea of using paypal express due to the fact we have a pretty lengthly registration form with strict critera for users who wish to purchase on our website. Does this mean I'm stuck using paypal standard? Is paypal standard becoming depracted anytime soon?


What happens with PDT if paypal holds my funds? how often does paypal hold funds for transactions?


Sorry for so many questions but I've spent all day looking at the docs and I'm now completely lost!


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Hi, about PayPal standard, the product is active and there are no plans to deprecate it at today.

To know about funds on hold you may want to check with the Customer Service of PayPal as they will know more about administrative inquiries.

PDT will send you a notification immediately after the transaction is completed but it will be attempted only 1 time, if for any reason the notification can't be delivered then it will not be re-attempted.

IPN instead can be an alternative as will try up to 16 time in case can't deliver the notification at the first attempt.

You can find some details here:

PDT variables

IPN overview

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