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Proceed to pay button on the last step of booking

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When user clicks on proceed to pay (we have 2 or 3 items to pay  ) so based on the items selections we calculate total amount and can pass to paypal.

So when user clicks on Proceed to Pay  :

  • What is the ideal way to integrate with Paypal ?

as here the amount is veriable and button we want to cusomize and also after payment status success we need to return back to booking summary page  by storing transaction ID in our database.


my expectation is like this : 

  • upon proceed to check out 
  • paypal popup opens and user submits paypal form 
  • then paypal will do call back with transaction status and transaction ID 
  • based on that call our Backend api to store transaction details 
  • return to summary page.

Proceed to pay button on the last step of booking


Hi, talking about the HTML standard payment buttons then you could proceed like this:


- to leave a varaible amount do not pass the variable "amount". The checkout will then ask to the payer to fill-in the amount, or if you calculate the amount in your application/code then just pass the value to the variable "amount"

Ref.: amount

- to get the transaction details you can enable IPN notification system in your account.

Ref.: IPN Overview

- to load a callback URL after the payment you can use the auto-return functionality, in order to enable Auto return and set the related URL follow the steps below:

- Login in your PayPal account (Live or Sandbox)
- Go to "Profile" - "Profile & Settings"
- Click "My Selling Preferences"
- Click on "Website preferences" -> Update
- Set "Auto Return: On"
- Insert a Return URL including "http://" or "https://"
- Click Save at the end of the page

Or alternatively, only after you already logged-in into your PayPal account, click this direct link: auto-return-page

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