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Skill Gaming Payments

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I'm creating a gaming application that allows video gamers to bet on skill-based video games. The players report the results, and the winner receives the bet amount.


I've been approved by PayPal for this, but technically I have hit some walls.


How most gaming applications work is users deposit money, and then are given a virtual currency. The problem with this, is we are a low budget start up and don't have the funds to protect the virtual currency from hackers.


We want to find a way to get around the need for virtual currency. Paypal has the infrastructure to protect the currency much better than we do, so we would like to figure out a way to transfer funds between users, based upon who wins/loses a game, and not have the need for virtual currency. Here are the ideas we had, and want to know if this is technically possible...


Option 1) Example: In our skill gaming app, if Player A beats Player B in the skill game, could we have it so Player B has a button that says "Pay With PayPal" and then they would pay Player A the amount they wagered?

To do this, the PayPal button would need to recognize that when Player B presses the "Pay with Paypal" button, that the account Player B will be paying belongs to player A.

The first thing that comes to mind to technically make this possible is to have Paypal be able to recognize the email address of Player A's account in ForTheWin App. Is there a snippet of code to allow Paypal to accomplish this?


Option 2) Both players pay into a PayPal temporary holding zone of sorts. Then, the winner receives the money.



Option 3) Any other ideas you have. I'm not familiar with the PayPal API, my coder is a genius, but he isn't familiar with it either. We can implement anything once we know it's possible...


Thanks again community!


All the best




Skill Gaming Payments

New Community Member

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