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Hello Team,

I went through almost all the documents provided by paypal for Paypal Pro.

There are two way to implement Paypal Pro.One is hosted pages and second is using Paypal Pro SDK.

1.Hosted Page.

      Does it support recurring payment?

2.Paypal Pro Java SDK

    1.Can we modify billing profile without customer confirmation or without payment information?

    2.Do we need to store customer payment information to modify customer billing profile using paypal pro java sdk?

    3.Do we need to create our own pages if we follow paypal pro java sdk?Or is there any way to use paypal pro pages.


Please provide your response as soon as possible.



Mayank Patel


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Here is some information on Recurring Payments using the Hosted Checkout Pages.

You can create a Recurring Payment's Profile from an existing Transaction ID that was processed through the Hosted Checkout Pages.

If the transactions is a Credit Card Transaction then the ORIGID which is the Transaction ID is needed to create the Recurring Payment's Profile.

If the transaction is a PayPal Transaction then a Billing Agreement is needed.

Please keep in mind that you need to obtain consent from your buyers to create a Recurring Profile.

Action Add

From the PayPal Developer Site:

"Specify the PNREF  (TransactionID) of the transaction to use it as a template, and optionally supply additional payment data."

Here is an example from a Credit Card Transaction request from the PayPal Developer Site:


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