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PayPal Live Integration

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Dear Team,


Of late, we are facing problems with PayPal recurring payment methodology. The same worked fine earlier.


Our website has recurring payment mode enabled. As soon as the user gets into the option of pricing plan, the user will be redirected to PayPal mentioning the payment amount, address information, etc. Once the user clicks "Agree and Continue" the application will proceed to set express checkout and get the response. This response will be used up to create recurring payment profile, further to which the transaction gets initiated and the success / failure transaction status gets recorded into our database. This process was going on seamlessly previously.


Recently we noted that an issue with this process for every user. As soon as the user clicks the "Agree and Continue" button, the applications halt at the "Create Recurring Payment Profile Step" and does not proceed further. Kindly note that the same does not occur in sandbox environment when tested multiple times in the same build. The live and sandbox mode is switched between via config file and there is no build change for this testing.


We also tried renewing our API credential certificate and still the problem occurs.


Kindly help us in this regard.

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