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How to get Guest Checkout consistently with Express payments?

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I'm trying to get Guest Checkout working consistently. I have account optional set to On, and I'm sending Sole as the solution type. And guest checkout works, but only sometimes. Some users are presented this:



and clicking Pay with Debit or Credit Card proceeds to the normal guest checkout. Other users get this instead:


And in this case clicking Pay with Debit or Credit Card proceeds to an email address prompt & makes account creation a mandatory part of the purchase.


As near as I can tell users get the first prompt that includes a password field and allows guest checkout if they have some Paypal cookie data already, and the second one that doesn't allow guest checkout if they don't. What's required these days (if it's still possible) to consistently allow guest checkout for all users?


How to get Guest Checkout consistently with Express payments?

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Guest payment checkout(i.e payment via credit/debit without PayPal account) feature is not available for all Customers/Buyers. 

It's important to remember that guest checkout is not guaranteed for every transaction.

To receive guest checkout payments :

Enable the PayPal Account Optional option in your account settings.

Login >> Settings >> Account settings >> Website payments >> Website preferences >> PayPal Account Optional >> toggle "yes" .

If you have integrated PayPal Express Checkout legacy product, please contact your website developer (or) support of your third-party platform(eCommerce) to pass the variables "SOLUTIONTYPE=Sole" and "LANDINGPAGE=BILLING" in the SetExpressCheckout payment API request call to make sure guest checkout is offered as often as possible.

Guide link - 

PayPal runs a risk check to determine eligibility for guest checkout. There will be times when guest checkout is not available.

This is intended behaviour of the product. Customer/buyer need to create PayPal account to process the payment.




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