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Common Response Codes:

10417 Generic response code when the customer's credit card failed authorization. Instruct the customer that to usealternative payment method or they can contact PayPal Customer Service for assistance
10001 Internal Error. Attempt a 3-5 retries, if the attempt continues to fail after 2 hours please contact MTS for support
10002 Authentication failed. API credentials are incorrect, or the API call is sent to the wrong endpoint (sandbox Vs Live)
15005 Processor decline on Pro. This occurs when the customers card is declined by the card issuing bank, not PayPal.
10486 Funding Source Decline. However redirecting customer back to PayPal using the same EC token will allow them select or add a new funding source. 

Gateway Decline on Pro, it means PayPal declined the payment for various reasons, e.g. AVS failed, high risk, CVV2 mismatch. 


The transaction was refused because the AVS response returned the value of N, and the merchant account is not able to accept such transactions, customer needs to confirm that the address entered matches the address associated with the card at issuer.




Error category Error codes
General errors 10002 to 10101
AddressVerify errors 10004 to 10014
Billing Agreement errors 10004 to 13200
Direct Payments errors (Website Payments Pro) 10001 to 15012
DoReferenceTransaction errors 10001 to 18014
Express Checkout errors 10001 to 19065
ManagePendingTransactionStatus errors 10014 to 11614
Mass Payments errors 10001 to 10327
Recurring Payments errors 10001 to 15004
Refund errors 10001 to 15011
500000 to 589061
TransactionSearch errors 10001 to 11002
Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) errors 10001 to 15010
Validation errors 81000 to 99998
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Since few days the adaptive payments (both preapprovals and chained) seems to be broken.
When we send the user to paypal to complete the order (chained) or to authorize the preapproval (preapprovals), they get a generic "invalid transaction" error. Tested the flow, we get the same error and looking to the console we can see this error on the checkout.js file in the paypal object directory:

Uncaught TypeError: PAYPAL.AP.Subflow is not a constructor
at checkout.js:11
(anonymous) @ checkout.js:11

Seems something has broken on paypal side.

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Hi Ciaran, Check this, many have this issue on PayPal preapprovals at the moment: Started on 17 september 2019 in the morning, Italy time.
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We recently opened a new Paypal business account and using the API credentials to integrate our system with Paypal. During testing, we are seeing that the Paypal API throws an error code of 10482 Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Desc2=PaymentAction of Order is not allowed with Unilateral and Non-Credentialed authentication.

Did anyone experience this before and what might be cause of this error?


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