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Money didnt come in

New Community Member

Money didnt come in

Hi. My sister sent me $ on pay pal and I instant transferred it over 12 hrs ago. It has still not shown up in my bank but says the transaction is complete. What did I do wrong and what do I do from here?


Re: Money didnt come in

Hello, @Meguggi. I'm sorry to hear the money you transferred out of your PayPal account took longer than expected to reach your bank. That's no good, for sure!


I hope the money has reached  your bank account by now. If not, please contact PayPal's Customer Service for further assistance. You can do that by logging on to your account and clicking Contact at the bottom of the page, by sending a Facebook Private Message via or by sending a Direct Message to @AskPayPal via Twitter.


Instant Transfers should complete within 30 minutes, but that can be delayed depending on things like PayPal's ability to communicate with your bank and the need to take extra time to review a transaction.


I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for your patience during this time.