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buying a dog

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the dog owner is requesting i pick Friends and Family why is that an issue ?



buying a dog

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There's several ways to look at a transaction like this.


First the seller does not want to pay the transaction processing fees - that's why the seller wants you to use the Send Money feature for Friends and Family.   Using this method you will not have Buyer Protection however, it's a moot point because the pet has to be delivered by the seller or you have to pick up the pet - regardless, if the item for sale cannot be shipped, tracked and insured if applicable, there's no Buyer Protection.  (You really can't mail a dog although I'm sure someone somewhere has tried that.)    Note, even for the seller, there would be no seller protection as the pet has to be delivered or picked up.   Basically sending the funds for Friends and Family would work as there's no protection for either the buyer or seller nor would you be able to open a dispute should a refund be involved or you don't get the pet.   (Personally you may want to consider just paying cash when you pick up the pet in person, but that's just my thoughts.)

buying a dog

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A friends / family (or gift payment) is intended as a transfer of funds from family or friends to one another. For this reason, there is no processing fee when payment is made with bank or PayPal balance.
However as it is a “gift” payment, there is also no Buyer protection as no goods or services should have been exchanged.

If he was not a close mate or family member you should never use that option as it enables the seller to evade his paypal fees and negates your buyer protection at the same time. That is also why you would be unable to open a dispute apart from an unauthorised transaction if your account was hacked and used without your consent.

You also risk having your account limited for using this option when you are purchasing goods as its against Paypal rules. Smiley Sad

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