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How to pay Pay Pal Smart Connect Payment Online


I applied for the PayPal Mastercard and got approved for this "Smart Connect Card." Very aggravating to start off. Well, then I go to try and pay my payment online (free) and I can't find the link. I finally gave up on looking at the forums and called the help number. Apparently I signed up for the paypal smart connect card through my original paypal email and then set up another account for my PayPal Smart Connect Card. Weird right? Well, I signed out of the site I set up for paypal and signed into my original paypal account and Bazzinga! There it was, right under the account overview section just like I read in the forums. So, if you are problems finding it, check your "other" paypal account if you have one. 


About the Smart Connect Card -- I lost the (little piece of paper they called my) "card" the first day I opened the envelope. I don't know what the point of it is, because it isn't a real credit card. It's like a line of credit that you can only use to shop online. I need the darn thing when I go to the dollar store. I'm trying to build my credit; I don't think I should have to purchase product online to do that. 


Anyway, that is how you pay your PayPal Smart Connect Account.

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Re: How to pay Pay Pal Smart Connect Payment Online

Good tips, thanks for sharing.


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