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Removing link between Facebook and Paypal

New Community Member

Removing link between Facebook and Paypal

Facebook was complaining that there was suspicious activity and forced me to change my password yet again. Somewhere in the process it suggested that Facebook was authorised to use my Paypal account and I couldn't think of any good reason why so I cancelled it. I then received this message: 

The billing agreement that allowed Facebook Inc. to make the payment for your booking has been finalised.

Description:   You will skip PayPal login in Facebook and Messenger and can choose to get your PayPal receipts in Messenger.   

Manage your Billing Agreement by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking the Billing Agreement link under your Profile. In your Profile, you can

choose and edit your preferred funding source and cancel your Billing Agreement.

I think this means I've cancelled  (finalised?) but it is very unclear language and I can't find a reference to a Billing Agreement in Paypal Profile. Can anyone confirm this?