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PayPal Customer Service is an absolute joke, literally non-existent.

New Community Member

PayPal Customer Service is an absolute joke, literally non-existent.

I have had to make a new throwaway account just to be able to post here.


I have not been able to access my main paypal account since Feb 2020.

I had to change my phone number, this is where my troubles began.

When I attempted to login to my account.. I have only 1 option to verify, and that is to the old phone number which i no longer have access to, hmm.


I clicked the "other ways to verify" option, but oddly enough my email address isn't an option to receive a code, how stupid.

Initially I was able to get into live chat, I was told they cant change my number over chat, nor could they add my email address to verify with a code. Subsequently told me the only was that I had to pick up the phone and call, they even gave me the number; cool, ill try that.

I call the number provided, I sit through 5 minutes of a recording which you cant skip, and is completely irrelevant.

Finally, I can select my options, I get transferred; then another automated message says "due to covid-19, we are unable to help at this time" *hangs up*..


Hmm ok, fair enough, early days in Feb and everything had closed down in the US. I guess I have to wait a bit, perhaps such a large company with over 22,000 employees will work something out to do with customer support.


I kept trying to call for the next few weeks, same thing; so I give up for a while.

Meanwhile there are automatic payments I cant manage, funds sitting in my wallet, and I am unable to purchase anything online through paypal because I cant login.


6 months later, here I am today. Ill give it another go. I call the number and hear "We are experiencing high call volumes". Wonderful, I think to myself, maybe ill get through to somebody! Nope, Same Deal.


I called 5 times, selecting different options each time, hoping to get through to a human, but they all end up in the same spot, an automated message saying that I cant be helped, and then the call hangs up.


I also just tried to give live chat another go, but apparently you can only do that if you login, that's new. Now, what if somebody cant login? and that is why they are accessing live chat, and they are required to login? That seems dumb.


I'm so god damn frustrated, I don't know what else to do here. Id gladly, and simply make a new main account, but I would need to get into the inaccessible account to cancel the automatic payments, permissions given and transfer the wallet balance out.


PayPal, you suck.